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The Best of “Pain: Chronic / Words: Iconic”

Here’s a “best of” selection of my most-read posts:

How To Use Pain Scales To Explain Your Pain (Even Though It Sucks)

on a background of a pain scale meme, text reads "how to use pain scales to explain your pain, even though it sucks" with 'sucks' in rainbow letters

How To: Dating With Chronic Pain or Dating With Invisible Disabilities

On a background of red and black hearts, image of two phones side by side illustrating dating, the left with a man and a heart and the right a woman with two smiley faces, looking towards each other. Text reads "dating with chronic pain and invisible disabilities,"

The Best Quotes About Chronic Pain, Disability & Mental Heath

Check out my other quote pages too: about self care for invisible illness, about joy and chronic pain, about

on an abstract background of mountains and sky, text reads "the best quotes about chronic pain, disability, mental health and life in general,"

Chronic Pain & Trouble Sleeping: Why a Sleep Routine May Be the Help For Insomnia You’ve Been Seeking

Cartoon in blue shades of a woman lying on her stomach in bed, looking at a clock reading "2:58 with a tired grumpy look with text around her reading "chronic pain and trouble sleeping: a sleep routine may be your cure for insomnia,

Free Sleep Routine Printables!

"can't sleep? free sleep routine printables," with image of person in bed, free bedtime routine printables, free medical binder printables, free sleep hygiene printables

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Why You Should Keep a Medical Log: Free Printable & Spreadsheet

On a background of a sheet of paper with a medical log next to a smartphone displaying a spreadsheet, below a laptop keyboard, text reads "why you should keep a medical log: free printable and spreadsheet,"

Chronic Pain, Weight and the Challenge of Getting Through the Damn Day

A scrap of teal paper is held on by a piece of tape, white box on top reads "chronic pain, weight and the challenge of getting through the damn day,

6 Crucial Questions People With Disabilities Should Ponder Before Getting a Dog (Also published on The Mighty!)

6 crucial questions people with disabilities should ponder before getting a dog," on a background of a silhouetted person in a wheelchair giving a treat to a jumping dog

The Best of Janet Jay’s Journalism

Best of and most beloved by me. Some of these are very old, fair warning, and some exist only in screenshots (RIP, most of the sites I wrote for in my 20s.)

INvisible Project, :

Popular Science, 2018: I became a cyborg to manage my chronic pain: Implanting a new generation of spinal stimulators.

Defiant Media, 2017: Steve Bannon—The Man, the Myth, the Asshole: Donald Trump’s top advisor is a loathsome human being

VICE Motherboard, 2015: How to Make Breakfast With Your Vagina
But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Metro Pulse, 2008: (This was my first published feature, and the alt-weekly it was published in is now gone. Click through to read it and see my first published photography, too!)