About Janet Jay

by Janet Jay
About Janet Jay
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About Janet Jay: Professional bio, health history, and the life I’ve built

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About Janet Jay: Short Professional Bio

Janet Jay, a white girl with brown hair and glasses, standing in front of  and pointing up at some posters for The INvisible Project magazine, standup displays with headshots and text visible but blurry enough that the words can't really be made out
Bad pic of me with INvisible Project displays I wrote (RetreatMigraine 2019)

Janet Jay has been dealing with chronic pain and mental health since she was in early high school. Despite these challenges, she has worked in journalism and communications roles for almost 20 years. Her articles and photographs have been published in outlets like Popular Science, Maxim, Vice Motherboard, and MAKE Magazine, including a piece in PopSci about her experience getting an implantable spinal stimulator. For the last five years she has worked for the U.S. Pain Foundation writing for the INvisible Project magazine as well as other content, social media and communications work. She is involved in advocacy work, volunteers as a deputy with the Parking Mobility program, and is a proud member of US Pain’s Disparity Advisory Council.

Janet graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University, then accidentally moved to Knoxville, TN, where she worked for a production company and wrote for the newspaper, alt-weekly and local magazines. She then moved to Austin, where she’s lived for more than a dozen years with her wonderful mutts Kismet and Arrow. In her spare time she collects records, reads a lot, spins poi and sometimes makes art.


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