About Me

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About Me

Who is Janet Jay? Well, depends how you mean.

As a Person

I grew up in north Dallas, went to college at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, spent a couple years in Knoxville, TN and I’ve been in Austin ever since. Interests include dogs (especially the two best, my pups Kismet and Arrow), records, live music, beer, a webcomic named Achewood, and geekery of many kinds. I love poi (check out my insta if you care to see mediocre spinning), I love crafting and DIY stuff, and I read more than is probably good for me.

As a Professional

I’ve spent two decades freelancing in journalism, professional writing, photography, marketing and PR (including social media). As a journalist, I have published clips in Maxim, VICE Motherboard, Popular Science, MAKE Magazine, and many more. My journalism typically focuses on science, politics, or culture but over the years I’ve written about everything from rat rod car culture to hoverboards to competitive cheerleading. My Motherboard story went viral, earning mentions on multiple TV and radio shows and throughout international media, and even inspired work by scientists and academics. I also worked for years as the primary copywriter for an international business specializing in creating websites with powerful SEO while also working a wide variety of freelance writing, editing, PR and development jobs over the years.

chair in a coffee shop with a label "JANET'S CHAIR"

I spent so much time at my local coffeeshop that they gave me a chair with my name on it.

Since 2018 I have had the pleasure to work with the US Pain Foundation as a communications specialist. I contribute to our quarterly magazine, INvisible Project, as well as write and edit blogs, social media campaigns, and other content. My writing has even been printed on our giant displays, which have been used in statehouses and events across the country. I am also a proud member of our Disparity Solutions Advisory Council.

As a Chronic Pain Patient

Janet Jay standing in front of some posters for The INvisible Project

At RetreatMigraine 2019 with some of the INvisible Project displays I wrote

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